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Respiration system main board tester

This is an Automated Test Equipment (ATE) project done in cooperation with DFX Engineering for GE Health care (versamed division).

GE Health care (versamed division) manufacture respiration system. One of their system iVent-101 is based on an Embedded Linux powered board, that operates valves and pumps for performing the actual respiration process. The board includes pressure and flow sensors to monitor the process. The board also includes power supplies and charging circuitry.

Our mission was to test all board functions of an assembled board, just before assembling it into a final machine. The tester hardware included a pneumatic system that simulated the actual machine and the respiration process.
(My first reaction was why not put a patient and see if he survives :-) of course that is not what we did... so we had to build a pneumatic system, for this we used parts of the actual machine)
In addition the tester includes an Agilent 34980A switching and measurement system, and two power supplies.
The Agilent switching system switches the two power supply to simulate any of the 4 power sources of the board (AC/DC, internal and external battery and backup battery). It also measures voltages and current in many points on the board (up to 40 measurement points). 

The system software was written by Helicon technologies on a Linux based system. The tests are mostly written in Perl.
A custom test executive GUI was written fot that. The GUI reads the test list from a text file containing list of tests, expected results, units and actual commands to be executed for each test.
The commands are mainly perl scripts interfacing with the Agilent 34980A (using telnet) and interfacing with the board under test (UUT) through serial port and ethernet inteface.
The GUI can also log tests results and generate a HTML report that can later be printed on a laser printer that is poart of the tester.


Ivent 101 tester         Ivent 101 tester

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