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Extendable Content Management System (CMS)

During years of building complex web systems, we found out that most system need some core tasks (such as displaying text pages, handle users and permissions, etc.). In order not to write everything from scratch each time we builed a new system, we created a system that has the capabilities to perform all basic tasks. We now only need to write the specific scripts for the specific system. This is essentialy a Content Management System (CMS).
This web site and many other web sites are built using this software. Ori Idan's stories web site in English and in Hebrew are written using this system.

Why use this system instead of common CMS such as wordpress, Drupal etc.?

Other CMS's such as Drupal or wordpress, have been around much longer and thus have a larger installed base of users and programmers. Thus one can assume they will have less bugs and it would probably be easier to get support for them.

However there are still several advantages for using Helicon technologies CMS:



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